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The Bellevue, Wash.-based Hartman Group recently released the results of a survey about consumer familiarity with organic brands. They polled 2,109 people, both users and nonusers of organic products, about whether they had heard of, had tried or regularly used 66 brands of organic foods and beverages. The brands that were tested had been identified through qualitative consumer research.

The results for brand familiarity showed that only four in 10 consumers had heard of the top five organic brands in the survey.

When the survey measured brand trial, only six of the 66 brands had been tried by one in five consumers.

The results for adoption showed that seven organic brands were purchased regularly by 11 percent of the consumers surveyed.

The full report, "Organic2006: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors—Five Years Later and Into the Future," is available from the Hartman Group at

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