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New glutathione findings

New glutathione findings
First report of its kind identified the food derived glutathione in the human blood after oral administration.

KOHJIN Life Sciences (KJLS), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Ltd, and Dr. Kenji Sato of Kyoto Prefectural University (KPU) presented the findings on the identification and determination of the change of food derived L-Glutathione in human blood after oral administration at the annual academic meeting of ISNFF.

L-Glutathione (GSH) manufactured by KJLS is produced by fermentation with Torula Yeast, FDA GRAS Notice #GRN000293, KOHJIN Life Sciences Co. Ltd.

GSH has a long history as a natural supplement to support liver function and skin whitening. However, no significant increase of GSH has been detected in human blood after oral ingestion of GSH. As a result, the benefits of GSH supplementation have been in question for many years.

However, KJLS established a new method for detection of Glutathione based on the hypothesis that GSH is might be transported as conjugates with protein (Glutathione Binding Protein, GBP) in the blood. Therefore, all past studies could not identify the change of glutathione levels in human blood. In KJLS’s study, samples were extracted with TCA and 2-mercapthoethanol to liberate GSH from the conjugate. The liberated GSH were treated with AccQ to improve resolution by RP-HPLC. In the presence of 2-mercaptoethaol, GSH yielded AQC-GSH-2-mercaptoethanol.H+ ions by ESI-MS analysis. In the absence of 2-mercaptoethaol, GSH yielded H+.AQC-GSSG-AQC.H+ ions. By monitoring these ions, the present study first demonstrates the increase of GSH bond to protein in human plasma after ingestion of GSH.

This study is the first report of its kind that identified the Glutathione in human blood after oral administration. KJLS attributes the success of this result to its natural production method based on fermentation with Torula Yeast. KOHJIN Glutathione has a FDA Notified GRAS and is suitable for food ingredient. KJLS and KPU are conducting more studies about the mechanism of GSH absorption pathway in the human body, and KJLS and KPU will publish these studies in near future.


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