New ingredients

Cardio-bioactive now soluble for drinks
Alltracel Pharmaceuticals of Ireland has developed a soluble version of its bioactive for cardiovascular health, opening up its use in functional beverages. The cholesterol-lowering bioactive from cellulose fibre is based on the same technology as Alltracel's 'm.doc woundcare' product. Microdispersed oxidised cellulose is the end product of Alltracel's patented process. Applied to cotton in the form of raw cellulose, it acts as a haemostatic agent. In the past year, Alltracel has reported positive results on the combination of its bioactive with other cholesterol-lowering approaches, such as plant sterols. The company's process development laboratory is in the Czech Republic.
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Clear malt concentrate for fruit-flavoured beverage
s WILD's Malt Plus X, a clear malt concentrate, combines natural fruit flavours and the company's natural Fruit Up sweetener. The company aims the new ingredient at the European fruit-flavoured soft-drink sector. Malt Plus X is based on a clear, concentrated malt extract. New flavour combinations — such as orange with ginger, and pomegranate with blackcurrant — have been formulated. Malt Plus X drinks contain 20 calories per 100 ml. The ingredient is photostable and suitable for long-necked clear-glass bottles, the company says. WILD is Germany's largest private producer of natural ingredients for the foods and beverages industry.
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Rosemary extract boosts carotenoid stability
Vitiva has unveiled a new variant of its Inolens rosemary extract aimed at boosting stability of carotenoids, without the need for synthetic preservatives. The Slovenian company first introduced its Inolens line a year ago, after developing the means to make rosemary extracts odourless so that they can be used in a variety of food applications without tainting the sensory properties. Applications to date include PUFA, frying and edible oils, confectionery, and bakery. The new variant, called Inolens 4, can be used in food products such as ketchup and pizza. It is intended to improve carotenoid stability in oleoresins and products using paprika as a colouring, extending shelf life by eliminating colour fading.
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BioAsteri supplement with lignans in softgel
Canadian essential fatty acid-supplier Bioriginal Food & Science Corp has created a nutricosmetic supplement containing its proprietary BioAsteri combined with lignans for healthy skin. The company is launching a softgel it said will enable manufacturers to offer the complementary effects of both lignans and borage oil. Lignans have been shown to modulate sebum production, while borage oil helps prevent water loss through the skin. BioAsteri with lignans may help relieve dry or damaged skin and reduce inflammation in skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.
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Cold-water soluble carrageenan system
A new cold-water soluble carrageenan system claims to allow manufacturers of dairy goods to achieve a creamy texture and smooth mouthfeel in applications that cannot be heated. Introduced by TIC Gums of Maryland, the new TIC Pretested Colloid 750 is particularly suited for use in products such as milkshakes, instant puddings, fruit and chocolate syrup, and refrigerated omelets. Lowfat- and soy-based products are also good candidates.
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