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Organics Issues Taken to the Airwaves

From organic wine to community gardens, the San Francisco-based radio show "Beyond Organic" is bringing organic issues to a mainstream audience. A show for people who want to live and eat healthily, "Beyond Organic" is about producing, buying and cooking organic foods without overwhelming listeners with jargon.

"There's not another show out there doing this," said executive producer Michael Straus, whose background in marketing organics comes from working for Straus Family Creamery and as president of organic PR firm Straus Communications.

The show originated in 1999, with Straus producing and hosting. After realizing that taking on both duties was too much, Straus put "Beyond Organic" on the back burner until he connected with veteran broadcaster Jerry Kay and San Francisco radio producer Icicle Networks.

Since production resumed in November 2002, the program has had positive feedback, Straus said.

Distribution of "Beyond Organic" is growing, Straus said. He hopes to get the show on 100 land-based stations this year.

The show airs on a live Web broadcast at 10 a.m. Pacific time Wednesdays, and archived shows are available online at

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIV/number 7/p. 8

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