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Protanica plant sterol proven safe and effective

Protanica plant sterol proven safe and effective
New paper substantiates the safety and efficacy of Arboris's non-GMO plant sterol.

Arboris® LLC, the world's leading maker of non-GMO plant sterols, is making available a new paper that substantiates the safety and efficacy of its Protanica® plant sterol.  The paper authored by internationally renowned food scientist Dr. Jerzy Zawistowski of the University of Manitoba is available at  

Arboris recently introduced its flagship plant sterol ester product Protanica, a heart-healthy functional food ingredient, into North American markets. The significance of this announcement is substantiated by Dr. Zawistoski’s paper, and demonstrates evidence that adding plant sterols into a person's diet has been clinically proven to support healthy cholesterol levels.  

In its conclusion, the study review states that Protanica is highly efficacious in supporting healthy cholesterol levels without adversely affecting absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and vitamins precursors. In addition, Protanica-enriched yogurt is a safe and convenient functional food for the dietary management of cholesterol and risk of coronary heart disease.

“We are very pleased that a review of the research on Protanica consistently supports what is widely known in the worldwide functional ingredient marketplace—that plant sterols are safe and effective and should be considered as an important additive by food manufactures looking to increase the heart-healthy properties of their product offerings,” stated Manuel Canales, president and CEO of Arboris.   

As the maker of Protanica, Arboris sees continued acceptance and adoption of plant sterols as a functional food ingredient in North America and believes that, in time, an increasing number of food products including dairy beverages, baked goods, yogurts, smoothies and others will include heart healthy sterols in their offerings. 

Protanica has distinct advantages among plant sterols on the market today in that it is compatible with both organic and non-GMO certified foods. In addition to being clinically tested and demonstrated to be safe and effective, Protanica is endorsed by the American Heart Association.


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