Rousselot presents latest findings on Peptan

Rousselot presents latest findings on Peptan

Focusing on the latest science on the health benefits of Peptan, Rousselot will present sample products formulated with its award-winning collagen peptides, gelatine solutions and Synergy Systems at Fi & Hi India.

Making its debut at Fi & Hi India, leading global manufacturer of gelatines and collagen peptides, Rousselot® will showcase its full range of safe, fully traceable ingredients for the food, beverage and nutritional supplement industries. With a focus on the latest scientific findings on the health benefits of Peptan®, Rousselot will present sample products formulated with its award-winning collagen peptides, gelatine solutions and Synergy Systems. Rousselot’s experts will advise on the health and functional benefits of specific sample applications made with its range of novel ingredients.

Scientific endorsement
The main focus on Rousselot’s stand will be Peptan collagen peptides and the growing body of research supporting its efficacy. Easily digestible and bioactive, Peptan collagen peptides are a safe, highly functional source of protein with recognized health benefits for joint and bone health as well as younger looking skin. One placebo-controlled clinical study carried out on 100 middle-aged people found that an 8-gram daily intake of Peptan can significantly improve knee joint comfort and mobility. Further endorsing Peptan’s health benefits, a new study conducted in collaboration with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA, has confirmed Peptan’s ability to support the development of bone formation. Scientific evidence has also shown Peptan’s effectiveness in enhancing skin suppleness and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Odor and flavor-free, Peptan is an ideal solution for creating appealing products with added benefits. Visitors to Rousselot’s stand will be able to sample mobility boosting applications such as Mobility Booster sticks of Peptan powder with peach flavoring to be solved in water, flavored Peptan effervescent tablets and Beauty Cherries, beauty gummies with a cherry flavor.

Healthier functionality
Alongside its Peptan range, Rousselot will present its safe, trusted and highly functional gelatine solutions. With outstanding gelling, foaming and binding properties, Rousselot’s gelatines are the ideal ingredient for manufacturers looking to reduce fat and sugar without compromising texture, mouthfeel or shelf life. Applications on stand will include concepts such as Tof’Gums™, the first gummy with toffee flavor and “Rousselot Delight” confectionery, characterized by an innovative grained and ultra-soft texture.

Rousselot will also show its Synergy Systems—products featuring different gelatine combinations, as well as gelatine combined with other ingredients—which work together to provide enhanced functionality and allow manufacturers to further push the boundaries of healthier product development for unique tastes and textures.

A variety of tasty Synergy Systems applications will be showcased, including low calorie, fat-free Aperomallows, uniquely flavored marshmallows such as Acid and Mint Marshmallow, and Savoury Gummies.

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