Stratum Nutrition Forges Partnership with Kitozyme

St. Louis, Mo. (February 10, 2010) - Stratum Nutrition, a Novus International Business that focuses on human nutrition through functional and specialty ingredients, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with international functional ingredients manufacturer KitoZyme. Based in Herstal, Belgium, KitoZyme manufactures a new vegetarian ingredient, chitin-glucan, which supports arterial and overall heart health. Stratum Nutrition will further advance the science, global sales and marketing of chitin- glucan.

"KitoZyme has developed a novel, patented chitin-glucan ingredient," said Jeremy Moore, Director of Marketing for Stratum Nutrition. "Through this partnership, we will utilize our R&D, branding, marketing and sales expertise to expand its use in a variety of finished goods to support heart and overall health. Not only is heart health a key area of focus for us at Stratum, but this ingredient is obtained exclusively from renewable, non-GMO sources, which aligns with our corporate commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices."

Stratum Nutrition officially launched in November 2009 with the purpose of bringing to market unique and/or patented technologies with solid intellectual property, strong scientific and clinical research and progressive product applications in vital health categories such as immune health, bone and joint health, weight management and healthy aging.

"KitoZyme's chitan-glucan ingredient satisfies all of our criteria,"
stated Moore. "KitoZyme's commitment to sustainable practices coupled with their quality-centric manufacturing processes, which are ISO-9001:2008, GMP and HACCP certified, made them an ideal partner."

Stratum Nutrition and KitoZyme will collaborate on launching chitin- glucan into the marketplace, however, there is also potential for future product development with other ingredients through this partnership.

"This partnership allows both KitoZyme and Stratum to utilize our respective strengths to improve overall industry awareness and use of chitin-glucan, an ingredient that we collectively feel has tremendous potential for individuals looking for a clinically-proven way to improve their health," said Hugues Bultot, CEO, KitoZyme. "Building on the global reach of Novus and leveraging its tremendous means, we believe, Stratum can immediately begin identifying and securing opportunities for chitin-glucan to be used in a wide range of health products around the world."

About KitoZyme
KitoZyme S. A., founded in December 2000, is a spin-off of the University of Liège located in Herstal, Belgium. The company was founded to capitalize on the great potential found in the field of vegetal biopolymer extraction. Eight years of development and over
€21.5 million of investment later, the KitoZyme team is now comprised of 56 individuals and produces innovative, environmentally-friendly fungal biopolymers manufactured nowhere else in the world. Its products are available for use by the nutraceutical, cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical industries. To learn more about KitoZyme, visit

About Stratum Nutrition
Stratum Nutrition, a division of Novus Nutrition Brands LLC, a subsidiary of Novus International, Inc., focuses on human nutrition through functional and specialty ingredients for manufacturers and marketers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. STRATUM leverages the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation as well as the corporate commitment to protecting the environment by actively monitoring economic, environmental and social factors to ensure that its ingredients offer safe, efficient and sustainable health solutions. STRATUM offers a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients that are progressive, safe and reliable.

These ingredients are based on consumer need, supported by science and the backing of a trusted multi-national company. All specialty bioactive ingredients offered share a common R&D philosophy including: unique and/or patented technologies, solid intellectual properties, strong scientific and clinical research, and progressive product applications for human health. To learn more about Stratum Nutrition, please contact Jeremy Moore at 888.403.5039.

* From left to right:

Thad Simons, CEO and President, Novus International, Jeremy Moore, Director Marketing and Strategic Development, Stratum Nutrition Sandrine Gautier, Ph.D, Business Development Manager, KitoZyme and Hugues Bultot, CEO, KitoZyme

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