Study backs AllerGuard Express for respiratory health

Study backs AllerGuard Express for respiratory health

New published study on demonstrated AllerGuard Express’s ability to provide superior respiratory wellness benefits in a fast-acting, experiential manner.

NutraGenesis LLC is pleased to announce publication of a new study on AllerGuard Express™ that demonstrated AllerGuard Express’s ability to provide superior respiratory wellness benefits in a fast-acting, experiential manner. 

In a recent, two-arm crossover human clinical trial published in the peer-reviewed Food Science and Nutrition Journal, subjects were exposed to a standardized amount of a mixture of outdoor and indoor allergens (including grass and tree pollen, dust mites, and animal dander) and then immediately took two tablets of either AllerGuard Express or placebo when symptoms began to develop. The ability to breathe through their nose over the next two hours was determined at 15-minute intervals using a mechanical device that measured precisely their level of peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF). Subjects also reported their subjective perception of how they felt in terms of allergy-related symptoms (stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy nose, watery eyes, and itchy eyes) using Visual Analog Scales (VAS). After a washout period, the subjects repeated the testing using the alternative treatment. 

Subjects experienced improved nasal breathing and enhanced feeling of wellness throughout the evaluation period, beginning as soon as 15 minutes after consumption of AllerGuard Express. This illustrates AllerGuard Express’ unique, fast‐acting benefits. After 15 minutes, there was a 27.7 percent reduction in PNIF score in the group taking AllerGuard Express (indicating an enhanced ability to breathe through the nose) and an improvement in subjects’ perception of allergy-related symptoms ranging from 12 to 30 percent. Runny nose in the AllerGuard Express group improved by 60 percent compared to placebo by the end of the two-hour evaluation period. In this study AllerGuard Express was found to be highly bioavailable and well tolerated.

“We are very excited that this crossover, human clinical allergic response trial clearly demonstrates that AllerGuard Express provides highly effective, fast-acting respiratory benefits” states NutraGenesis President and Managing Director Suzanne McNeary. “AllerGuard Express is the first naturally derived, respiratory wellness nutraceutical product that is clinically tested to be both fast‐acting and highly efficacious. AllerGuard Express bioactives act comprehensively and proactively to help prevent the release of factors that negatively impact respiratory wellness which ensures superior efficacy without side effects. This next-generation approach to respiratory wellness based on a novel tryptase inhibition mechanism is unique within the natural products industry as well as among mass market OTC products”.

AllerGuard Express is sold in North America by NutraGenesis under license from supply partner Stragen Pharma SA of Switzerland, a leader in health-enhancing nutraceutical ingredients.  AllerGuard Express recently obtained an NPN product license from Health Canada.


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