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Iron out infertility
A new study has found that a certain type of iron may help women with ovulatory infertility, or a failure to ovulate. The study, published in the November issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, tracked 18,555 women for 8 years. Researchers concluded that heme iron, the easily absorbed animal-source form of the mineral, had no relation to ovulatory infertility. However, nonheme iron, which is generally found in vegetables, multivitamins and supplements, lessened the risk of infertility. In fact, researchers found that women who took nonheme iron supplements had a 60 percent lower chance of infertility than women who did not.

Science seeds new grape benefits
Two new studies are touting the glory of grape seed extract. In its Oct. 15 issue, Clinical Cancer Research published a study on GSE's effects on colorectal cancer. Mice fed the equivalent of 200 milligrams GSE per kilogram of body weight had slowed tumor growth without toxicity and, after eight weeks, showed a 44 percent reduction in tumor size. "GSE may be an effective chemopreventive agent against colorectal cancer," the researchers concluded. The second study, presented at the International Inflammation Research Association Conference in October, found that GSE protects blood vessel cells from oxidative stress. Technically, it protects "endothelial cells from lipid oxidation." This type of stress is a factor in cardiovascular disease. The study was sponsored by the International Nutrition Co., a Netherlands-based supplier of grape seed extract.

Beauty by Brigitte
Looking for a new book for your store's learning area or for employee studies? Herbalist Brigitte Mars has published Beauty by Nature (Healthy Living Publications, 2006), which defines the idea of beauty from the inside out. With chapters covering everything from a "beautiful mind" to "beautiful hair" to "the beautiful pleasures of the bath," Mars gives broad-based overviews, as well as recipes for individual therapies. Starting with journaling and affirmations, the book looks at aromatherapy, herbs, massage and diet in relation to feeling and looking good. The book also includes a fairly extensive ingredient guide and resource section.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVII/number 12/p. 30

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