Vaad Ha'ir of Winnipeg Transfers Kashruth Supervision to the O.U. Through Their Agent Rabbi Dovid Jenkins

The Vaad Ha’ir of Winnipeg has transferred the role of kashruth supervision to the (Orthodox Union) though their agent Rabbi Dovid Jenkins. They will operate as WK (Western Kosher) and bring the more than 120 WK licensees into conformity with the North American standard of kashruth – a standard adhered to throughout all of Canada and the U.S. Currently, the O.U.’s rabbinic experts bring their skills to more than 6,000 plants in 77 countries.

The North American standard does more than mandate food content and preparation. In a pursuit of excellence, it aims to guarantee that foods are acceptable. The Vaad has therefore sought an outside partner and we are delighted to report on our arrangement with the O.U. and Rabbi Jenkins.

In searching for an appropriate partner, four criteria were used:
1> To ensure that kosher supervision in Winnipeg would be retained and even enhanced;
2> To ensure that all licensees, local and distant, would be at the North American standard, thereby ensuring the credibility of the WK hechsher throughout North America;
3> To provide continued employment for our loyal Vaad staff; and
4> To minimize the cost to the community.

Don Aronovitch, President of the Vaad Ha’ir says, “We have had many months of careful deliberations and consultations with those committed to preserving Kashruth, and we have determined the most appropriate way to ensure the long-term availability of Kashruth supervision in Winnipeg was to transfer that role into the extremely capable hands of the O.U and Rabbi Jenkins.”

Jonathan Kroft, President of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg remarks, “The committee of rabbis and representatives of the Jewish community have put in countless hours to ensure a seamless continuance of the delivery of kosher food to our city. In the O.U. and Rabbi Jenkins, they found partners that will ensure that WK is a recognized label that meets the standards seen in cities across North America. On behalf of the Federation, I express my gratitude for their tireless work and welcome the O.U. and Rabbi Jenkins to our community.”

Aronovitch adds, “I and others have worked with Rabbi Jenkins for over two years and I can personally attest to his full commitment to ensuring that Winnipeg will be properly cared for in the supervision of kosher food.”

Rabbi Gabe Brojges will continue to serve the community as Rabbinic Administrator and Rick Stokoloff will continue as General Manager.

The Vaad Ha’ir, in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, will be opening a web page at and welcomes any questions the community may have. These may be submitted by email at [email protected] or through our hotline at 487-9571.

About the O.U. and Rabbi Jenkins
For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has maintained the highest standard of kosher certification. Today, the O.U. supervises more than 400,000 products, making it the world’s most recognized and most trusted kosher symbol. Many of the world's best-known brands choose the O.U. for Kosher certification. Rabbi Jenkins is a recognized leader in the kashruth industry, having worked in the field for 25 years. Rabbi Jenkins is currently a Rabbinic Coordinator for the O.U. and the Kosher Consultant to Seattle’s Vaad Ha’ir and L.A. Kosher (Los Angeles Kosher). For more information on the O.U., please visit

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