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Vitiva Launches a Natural Preservative for Bakery Products

Vitiva, Slovenia, introduces INOLENS® 12, a beneficial new natural preservative for extending bakery product shelf life while significantly helping to maintain freshness and flavor.

Rancidity and oxidation of fortified bakery products are common problems due to the high fat content inherent in whole-grain flour, nuts, seeds, oat flakes, vegetable oils and butter fat, as well as the omega-3 fats frequently used today for increasing nutrition values. All are highly prone to rancidity. High fat content and storage temperature can cause changes in organoleptical characteristics of the final product as well, impacting flavor, aroma and appearance.

“Our R&D team had been challenged by fortified bakery products, especially since bakery producers today increasingly are seeking natural preservatives that allow a clean label,” explains Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. “But by utilizing INOLENS® 12 in items such as whole-grain bread with nuts and seeds, we decreased unwanted organoleptic changes significantly. INOLENS® 12 also provides outstanding antirancidity protection for various baked products.”
This all-natural preservative can readily be blended with other ingredients, such as flour, sugar and powdered milk, as well as fats and oils. INOLENS® 12 can easily replace synthetic antioxidants in baked goods and thus improve their healthy profile without compromising freshness and flavor. INOLENS® 12 can be used in fortified breads, bread rolls, toasted breads, pastry, cookies, biscuits and other similar, value-added baked products

Vitiva is a dynamic, fast-growing nutraceuticals company specializing in developing advanced, application-specific formulations based on natural extracts for protecting various food and cosmetic products against rancidity and oxidation degradation. Its extensive product line includes: AquaRox®, VivOX® and SyneROX. In addition, a full range of reduced-odor rosemary extracts, INOLENS®, is available in a wide range of concentrations. These pure extracts are soluble in oil or water and are available in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:
Dushka Dimitrijevic
Product Manageress
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Fax: +386 2 788 87 31
E-mail: Website:

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