Children's Supplement Markets Data - Chart 42


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Chart 42 presents NBJ’s estimates for the children’s supplement market. 3 data sets come in this excel spreadsheet of data.

The first table presents kids supplements by sub-category. For the years 1999-2001, sales are give for kids supplements in the vitamins, herbs/botanicals, sports nutrition, minerals, meal supplements and specialty/other supplements.

The second table lists out the sales of the top kids vitamins marketers selling in the mass market for the years 1999-2001. Companies included in this listing are: Bayer, Whitehall-Robbins, McNeil, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis, Twinlab, Rexall Sundown and “others”.

The third table breaks kids vitamin sales down by channel. The channels listed include retail natural health food stores, retail mass market, mail order, multilevel marketing, practitioner and the Internet. Sales for each channel are presented for the years 1999-2001.

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