Five Key Trends in Kids Nutrition for 2006


Authored by Julian Mellentin - an acknowledged international expert on the business of food, nutrition and health - the insights have been derived from almost two years of dedicated research in the area, much of which has been in connection with Kids Nutrition Report - the only industry publication dedicated to this important area.

Two of the biggest strategic issues for the food and beverage industry, worldwide, are:

  • The problem of rising rates of obesity and overweight among children.
  • The still-untapped opportunity for the food industry to develop and market healthy kid-specific products that deliver real benefits.

Using real case studies from Europe and the US, and illustrated with an abundance of graphs, charts and full-colour product illustrations, we set out in a practical way the five key trends that will have the most impact in driving change and accelerating growth in the market for children’s nutritional products and the strategies that companies can adopt to successfully respond to them.

A fundamental industry shift to put kids health at the heart of business is not a theoretical dream – we demonstrate that it is exactly what an increasing number of companies are doing and doing successfully. Those who don’t run with this trend now will only find themselves forced into it by competitive forces and/or regulation within the coming years.

This 40-page, 20,000 word analysis is now available in PDF format. Please click the blue "download" button in Step 3 of the order process to download this product.



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