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Aker BioMarine, BioMar extend krill partnership

Aker BioMarine, BioMar extend krill partnership
Companies have entered into a new five-year delivery agreement for Aker BioMarine's unique QRILL feed ingredient.

Aker BioMarine and the BioMar Group have entered into a new five-year delivery agreement for Aker BioMarine's unique QRILL feed ingredient. Two years ago, the two companies began working together to develop high-performance salmon feed that includes Antarctic krill. The partnering has been a great success and the parties are now extending and expanding their cooperation agreement.

Aker BioMarine has demonstrated over many years improvements to farmed-fish health, quality, and growth as a result of using the company's QRILL krill products in fish feed applications. A number of scientific articles have been published that document benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects, fat redistribution, and high bio-availability of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA/DHA among stock fed krill-derived feed ingredients. Aker BioMarine will continue aquaculture research and field trials that inform the worldwide fish-farming industry about the health and productivity gains attainable through the use of Antarctic krill feed ingredients.

Global feed producer BioMar has launched growth enhancing fish feed featuring QRILL in several aquaculture markets. In Norway, these products are marked Q for "QUICK" - the name refers to the documented faster-paced growth. "We will increase our focus on QUICK to help improve our customers' profitability through better growth rates for their farmed fish. QRILL has been environmentally certified by Marine Stewardship Council as one of very few such raw materials for fish feed, and the health and quality-related benefits are additional factors," says Hans Halle-Knutzen, BioMar sales and marketing director.

"The BioMar Group is in the forefront worldwide as to expertise on fish nutrition and feed production. With Aker BioMarine's ingredients know-how, the partnership will generate new and value-adding feed types. We are proud of our partnership with BioMar, and depend on working closely with world-leading professional environments to fully utilize the potential of QRILL products," says Hallvard Muri, Aker BioMarine general manager.


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