BioGaia signs distribution deal in South Korea

BioGaia signs distribution deal in South Korea

Dong Sung Pharmaceutical Company now has exclusive rights to sell ProTectis baby drops and ProTectis and Gastrus tablets in the retail pharmacy channel.

BioGaia has signed an agreement with Dong Sung Pharmaceutical Company Ltd for the exclusive rights to sell BioGaia’s ProTectis baby drops and ProTectis and Gastrus tablets through the retail pharmacy channel in South Korea from 2013. The products will be sold under BioGaia’s own brand.

Dong Sung is a leading South Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer founded in 1957. The company was made public in 1990 and has a large medical sales force visiting pediatricians and internists, including gastroenterologists.

The partnership with Dong Sung will significantly improve BioGaia’s existing distribution coverage in South Korea with sales through the retail pharmacy channel. BioGaia’s existing partner will continue covering the multilevel marketing channel.

Both the BioGaia ProTectis baby drops and the BioGaia ProTectis tablets contain BioGaia’s patented and well researched probiotic strain Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis. Today BioGaia’s finished products are available in around 60 countries. BioGaia Gastrus is a new product that is currently being investigated in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection.

“We are pleased with the new agreement as it means that our products will be available in our traditional distribution channel in a market with good potential; South Korea has 50 million inhabitants and is ranked as the country with the 15th strongest purchasing power in the world,” said Peter Rothschild, CEO of BioGaia.

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