GCI says aloha to mushrooms

GCI says aloha to mushrooms

GCI Nutrients announces a new strategic partnership with premium mushroom products manufacturer Aloha Medicinals Inc.

GCI Nutrients, a worldwide ingredient supplier, is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with Aloha Medicinals Inc. (AMI), a manufacturer of premium mushroom products based in Carson City, Nev.

According to Dr. John Holliday, president of AMI, "AMI produces all USDA 100% Certified Organic Medicinal Mushrooms grown in Carson City, Nevada, USA under sterile tissue cultivation. Aloha currently produces more than 100 different species of mushrooms, using a proprietary solid-state fermentation process unlike any other. This proprietary process ensures the maximum content of active compounds in the finished products, guarantees absolute consistency from lot to lot, and ensures that no heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants are present in the finished products."

GCI Nutrient's USA president, Richard Merriam, commented on a recent visit through Aloha's operation: "AMI's production operation is so unique that it is patented. The entire plant is like the World's Largest Clean room. Customers can be assured that all mushroom ingredients are contaminant-free and toxin-free... a place that would make Howard Hughes proud."

Besides the large biologically controlled environment, Aloha supports one of the largest technical libraries, which is available to the avid researcher or customers in need of technical support. With the Full Spectrum Process (FSP), customers get the maximum potency powder at a competitive rate.

All medicinal mushroom powders produced by Aloha Medicinals Inc. are Kosher Certified by Star-K, and Organic Certified by QAI and EU certified Organic."


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