Nutraceuticals International Group adds ExceptionHYAL

Nutraceuticals International Group adds ExceptionHYAL

Company now distributes Principium's pure sodium hyaluronate line.

Nutraceuticals International Group has partnered with Principium to become their exclusive United States distributor of their ingredients. The ExceptionHYAL® line is based on different molecular sizes of a pure sodium hyaluronate delivered by biotechnology. The natural body content of sodium hyaluronate is affected by the aging process which induces a progressive decline of its levels. Before birth, the content of sodium hyaluronate is at the highest level and gradually decreases after birth.

ExceptionHYAL is suggested for regeneration of synovial fluids and anti-aging. Depending on the molecular weight, it is absorbed in different percentages and can be delivered to the different tissues and organs through a double peak of absorption.

ExceptionHYAL HW (High Molecular Weight) has a slower and longer-lasting absorption at the intestinal level due to enzyme attack resistance improving its time efficacy. It acts like a shock absorber by lubricating and plumping tissues, helping to cushion and reduce inflammation. It improves regeneration of endogenous synovial fluid and promotes healing and film-forming effects for local applications.

-Oral Care -Joint care -slow release coating -Gastro-intestinal protection

ExceptionHYAL® MW (Medium Molecular Weight) has an optimal absorption rate at intestinal level and keeps its activity longer. Its great anti-inflammatory performances and its slower degradation rate towards hyaluronidase enzymes, makes it the perfect choice for a wide spectrum activity.

-Joint Care -Skin moisturization -Anti-aging -Anti-inflammatory

ExceptionHYAL® XLW (Low Molecular Weight) showed in vivo a quick and improved absorption at gastro (fast step) and intestinal level (slow release). The quicker penetration is directly linked to the smaller range of molecular weight.

-Skin moisturization -Anti-aging -Anti-inflammatory

ExceptionHYAL® Applications are as follows:

Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Stick packs, Beverages

Can also be used for oral health.


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