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Denali BioTechnologies grows IP portfolio

Denali BioTechnologies grows IP portfolio
Trademarks announced for Femillea, SureBet and Akanax and AuroraBlue tagline.

Maureen McKenzie, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Denali BioTechnologies Inc. (DBT), has announced that three trademarked ingredients—Femillea® from boreal yarrow (No. 4,668,217), SureBet® (No. 4,668,218) from high latitude birch bark and Akanax® (No. 4,668,219) preparations from Alaska ginseng, have all received certificates of registration. All three registrations apply to plant powders and extracts for use in the manufacture of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, creams, lotions and cosmetic products. DBT also has new filings for ProVitis™ from lingonberry and EmpaCyan™, a product from high anthocyanin Arctic crowberry.  

A continuation-in-part (CIP) has been filed for an issued patent on wild Vaccinium compositions used for AuroraBlue® (No. US 8,591,964 B2) and is undergoing prosecution in Canada. AuroraBlue, the company's patented flagship product, a proprietary blend of unique and certified wild Vaccinium species compositions (blueberries, huckleberries and bilberries), hand-picked from Alaska's vast wilderness, also received a registered trademark for its product tagline, The Wild Blue Wonder® (No. 4,654,001).

Denali BioTechnologies’ products originate from unique species that have adapted to survive in the harsh Alaska wilderness and have not been developed previously on a commercial scale. All products are harvested with the cooperation of Alaska Natives, Canada's First Nations or other indigenous circumpolar peoples on land they own or hold rights to utilize.

“The secret to a healthful profile of colorful fruits and vegetables lays primarily in the content of phytonutrient categories called anthocyanins and carotenoids, along with a wide array of polyphenols and proanthocyanidins” stated Dr. McKenzie.

Denali is the first and only company in Alaska dedicated to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical discovery and development from boreal territories. DBT focuses on plants, microbes, and marine organisms that thrive in harsh habitats, with special emphasis on novel molecules from psychrophilic (cold-loving) organisms.  The proprietary ingredient portfolio also includes AuroraRed® Arctic rosehip and AuroraGreen® meadow dandelion.

Denali BioTechnologies is based in Homer, Alaska. For more information about Denali ingredients, visit or call 907.226.2586.


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