Innophos lands license for Smart Salt

Innophos lands license for Smart Salt

Innophos subsidiary AMT Labs has signed an exclusive license agreement to manufacture, sell and market the low-sodium salt-substitute products in the Americas. 

Innophos Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: IPHS), a leading international producer of performance-critical and nutritional specialty ingredients, with applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, oral care and industrial end markets, announced that its subsidiary, AMT Labs Inc., had signed an exclusive license agreement to manufacture, sell and market Smart Salt® low sodium salt substitute products in the Americas.

Smart Salt’s range of salt substitute products will further enhance Innophos position in providing solutions to reduce sodium levels in baked goods; meat, seafood and poultry, and dairy and beverage products. Innophos has a strong existing range of sodium reduction products with excellent binding qualities and fast and complete solubility, including Cal-Rise®, a unique, slow-acting, calcium-based chemical leavening agent specifically designed to reduce overall sodium content in baked goods and Curavis® So-lo 93, a sodium reduction product for processed meat and poultry. 

"With Smart-Salt, we are adding to our full range of solutions for food and beverage producers to economically reduce sodium content without affecting the consumer's perception of taste,” commented Valerie Coyne, business manager of leavening products at Innophos. “A unique co-crystal primarily of magnesium in balance with potassium, Smart-Salt represents a proven functional and nutritional solution for sodium reduction. We are excited about the possibilities that the addition of the salt substitutes will provide us as we help food companies in their sodium reduction efforts."

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