Japan patents Melinjo Resveratrol for sleep support

Japan patents Melinjo Resveratrol for sleep support

Japanese industry conglomerate Lion's national patent is supported by human clinical data demonstrating an improvement in sleep quality compared to placebo.

The Japanese industry conglomerate Lion has patented Melinjo Resveratrol for the use of sleep improvement. The national patent is supported by human clinical data demonstrating a good improvement in the sleep quality compared to placebo. Melinjo Resveratrol from Hosoda Nutritional is a safe and natural ingredients and this is the first time its benefits as a natural sleep aid has been patented. 

The researchers have completed human clinical trials with Melinjo Resveratrol. Single dosage of 14 mg taken before sleep improved the deep sleep in the subjects considerably. The brain wave measurement and sleep observation showed a high delta rhythm power value in early stages of sleep giving a sufficient improvement in non-REM sleep (deep sleep). The early stage of non-REM sleep is important to achieve a good quality of sleep. The sleep observation showed a good improvement compared to placebo and as the result the feeling of tiredness decreased.

Hosoda Nutritional is the only producer globally for Melinjo Resveratrol. Mr Shinya Hosoda, CEO of Hosoda Nutritional, said, “It’s very positive development for us to have such a successful company as Lion Corp. challenging with Melinjo Resveratrol. In the past 10 years we have created the needed infrastructure for sourcing and production and are now able to offer the product in high quality from our secure supply chain. We see the natural sleep supplements as growing category and it’s very positive that Melinjo Resveratrol demonstrates such a good improvement of the quality of sleep in human trials.”

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