Tersus Pharmaceuticals receives patent for omega-7

Tersus Pharmaceuticals receives patent for omega-7

Company receives compositions and methods U.S. patent for more than 30 percent purified concentration of palmitoleic acid, which covers its omega-7 ingredient, Provinal.

Tersus Pharmaceuticals LLC, a Cleveland-based biopharmaceutical firm announced that it recently received a compositions and methods U.S. Patent US #8,703,818 (comprising C16:1n7-palmitoleate or derivatives). The current product available from Tersus, its branded purified omega-7 fatty acid blend, Provinal®, contains over 50 percent palmitoleic acid.   

“We are truly excited to announce the approval of this patent,” says Lochlainn O’Haimhirgin. president of Tersus Pharmaceuticals LLC. “Provinal is a more heart-healthy omega-7 containing over 50 percent palmitoleic acid. Feedback from the healthcare industry and reaction to recent studies (on Provinal) has been extremely positive and encouraging.”

Provinal contains a 50 percent concentration of palmitoleic acid, an omega-7 monounsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid has been shown to support healthy cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels (a marker for inflammation in the body) and has a beneficial effect on other metabolic variables.


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