10 reasons to attend World Bio Markets Asia

10 reasons to attend World Bio Markets Asia

Upcoming conference and expo in Kuala Lumpur will explore the untapped business and investment opportunities across the bio-based fuels and chemicals markets in Asia.

Created by the industry for the industry, the World Bio Markets Asia Conference and Exhibition, to be held June 17 and 18 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will explore the untapped business and investment opportunities across both the bio-based fuels and chemicals markets in Asia.

With enriched and abundant feedstock resources and growing consumer demand for bio-based products, set alongside uncertain policies elsewhere in the world, Asia is turning heads across the globe and taking its place on the international biofuels and bio-based chemicals stage.

Here are 10 reasons you should attend:

  1. World Bio Markets Asia is the only event exploring the bio-based fuels and chemicals markets in Asia increasing your network and ability to do business across this up and coming continent.
  2. Meet leading palm oil producers who manage over 2 million hectares of plantations, own over 200 mills and have the capacity to produce over 25 million tons of fruit bunches per annum as they explore the bio markets in Asia.
  3. Network with more than 150 delegates from across the global bio markets, enabling you to identify business partners and collaboration opportunities to expand your business operations internationally.
  4. Attend the World Bio Markets Asia Gala Dinner, co-hosted by Malaysian Biotechnology Corp., and hear the latest updates from key Government agencies in Malaysia throughout the conference.
  5. Be on the cutting edge of technology with presentations from internationally renowned conversion technology companies such as Beta Renewables, Verdezyne and CRI Catalyst.
  6. Circulate around the exhibition to meet with leading bio companies such as Boeing, Johnson Matthey, POIC Sabah and Malaysian Biotechnology Corp.
  7. With more than 40 speakers from across the globe speaking over two days, there are vast opportunities to exchange expertise and maximize your takeaway information.
  8. World Bio Markets Asia builds on a strong foundation created by the legacy of World Bio Markets Global Series: 10 years of bio events attracting thousands of delegates from across the value chain.
  9. As well as the conference, register for the Green Power Academy Course on The Essentials of Bio-based Markets, Feedstocks and Technology in the Development of the Asia Bioeconomy to gain a better understanding of the markets, terminology, technical and scientific principles of the key conversion routes from feedstock to saleable product with specific focus on the Asia markets.
  10. This year is Visit Malaysia Year, and on behalf of the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, we are inviting you and your team to visit Malaysia to enjoy the diverse attractions in Malaysia: the heritage and culture, adventure and nature, luxury, wellness and spa, and islands and beaches. 
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