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100% Natural Organic Bio Scrubs by Beraca NOW available from S. Black

S. Black is pleased to announce the availability of Beraca Speciality Ingredient’s 100% natural, organic Bio Scrubs range.

Bio Scrubs are 100% natural, organic exfoliants consisting of natural particles designed to give a gentle sensory effect with low abrasivity and provide a stimulating scrub action. Exfoliation is mechanical; Bio Scrubs act superficially on the skin, removing dead cells and encouraging the production of new skin cells.

Bio Scrubs boast certification from EcoCert and are non-irritant, non-allergenic and strictly non-animal tested.

The Bio Scrub range offers the following choice of natural exfoliants:

Bio Scrub Acai Renowned for its anti-ageing assets, Acai delivers a powerful synergy of re-vitalising properties to the skin.

Bio Scrub Andiroba The Andiroba tree produces fragrant flowers visually resembling the chestnut. The extracted oil is particularly effective for muscular inflammations and renewing activities.
Bio Scrub ARS A combination of Acai and Guaraná. Guaraná is recognised for its tonifying and astringent properties, as well as reducing cellulite.

Bio Scrub Buriti The fruit oil from the Buriti tree is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and high in pro-vitamin A from Carotenoids promoting anti-ageing properties.

Bio Scrub Cupuacu The Cupuacu tree belongs to the Cocoa family. Cupuacu, a natural lanolin replacement, promotes a pleasant touch boosting the skin’s recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity.

Bio Scrub Murumuru Murumuru is rich in Oleic Acid and provides and maintains moisture in the skin.

Bio Scrub Ucuuba The seeds of Ucuuba have an antiseptic and healing effects.

Use of Bio Scrubs as light peeling exfoliants will:
Improve circulation
Remove dead skin cells
Rejuvenate the skin
Physically stimulate the skin through massage
Remove dirt from pores
Leave the skin feeling soft

Bio Scrub applications include: Shower Gel, Liquid Soaps, Bar Soaps, Facial Cleansing, Hand & Foot preparations and Skin Massage products.

Beraca Speciality Ingredients are a renowned producer of Oils, Butters and Vegetable actives from the Amazon, they work with nature, obtaining precious vegetable resources with care and responsibility. Through international Certifications, the company assures its reliability in Sustainable Development and well-managed work with Brazilian Biodiversity resources.

For further information or technical advice please contact S. Black today.

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