2008 NBJ Back Issues

2008 NBJ Back Issues

In 2008 Nutrition Business Journal covered the Natural & Organic Personal Care Industry, as well as Finance & Investment in the Nutrition Industry, Organic Markets Overview, Direct Selling, Condition-Specific Supplements & Ingredients, Sports Nutrition & Weight-Loss, Healthy Foods & Beverages, Integrative Medicine, Raw Materials & Ingredient Supply, as well as provided an annual U.S. Nutrition Industry Overview.


January - Natural & Organic Personal Care VI
In maturing N&OPC market, acquisitions abound, competition tightens, accessibility widens. Hot topics include “green washing,” defi nitions of “natural,” “organic.” NBJ also takes a look at consumer interest in “free of” and anti-aging ingredients.


February - Finance & Investment in the Nutrition Industry III
2008 looks positive for entrepreneurs and the nutrition industry. NBJ speaks to execs, investors about limited access points to capital, deals in 2007, interest in investing in natural.


March/April - Organic Markets Overview
Prices rise as growing consumer demand, increased competition from biofuels worsen supply squeeze for organic farmers and manufacturers.


May- Direct Selling in the Nutrition Industry VIII
Once again the Internet is a standout for the $12.2 billion direct-to-consumer sales channels. NBJ investigates key trends affecting direct.


June/July – Nutrition Industry Overview
Despite the start of an economic slump, 2007 was a fruitful year for the U.S. nutrition industry, which grew 10.7% to $93.9 billion. Natural & organic product sales fueled most of this expansion, but even the maturing U.S. supplements sector posted better growth than it has seen in a decade.


August – Condition-Specific Supplements and Ingredients Issue
Supplement and ingredient firms remain committed to health condition-specific products, which accounted for 92% of U.S. supplement sales in 2007.


September – Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss
Sports Nutrition & Weight-Loss (SNWL) 2007 sales were dragged down by slowing sports & energy drink expansion and losses in weight-loss supplements and low-carb foods.


October – Healthy Foods & Beverages
U.S. healthy food and beverage sales grew 8.3% to $129 billion in 2007, as functional and natural & organic products each gained more ground in the United States.


November - Integrative Medicine
Integrative medicine is on the rise in the United States, and dietary supplements stand to benefit. NBJ breaks down supplement sales and integrative service revenues for each of the practitioner channels.


December - Raw Material & Ingredient Supply
Raw material & ingredient suppliers to the U.S. nutrition industry are feeling the effects of bad debt, tighter access to credit and other ramifi cations of the economic downturn. Yet, demand remains strong from manufacturers.


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