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2009 NutrAward announced

DSM Functional Foods Marketing’s blood pressure regulator tensVida, formerly TensGuard, won the 2009 NutrAward at the Nutracon conference, held March 4 to 5 in conjunction with Natural Products Expo West. The award was selected by a panel of industry experts, scientists and nutritionists, plus votes from Nutracon attendees.

“TensVida represents a major breakthrough to help maintain normal blood pressure,” said DSM Senior Marketing Manager Pete Willis in a statement. “Opening up a new sector in the functional foods market, tensVida enables manufacturers to develop a wide range of food, beverage and dietary supplement products that can offer specific heart-health benefits.”

The decision makes tensVida the first ingredient to win industry awards in both the U.S. and Europe. “We are thrilled with this news, particularly coming within months of our Gold award for most innovative new health ingredient at Health Ingredients Europe last November. This second prestigious award demonstrates tensVida’s worldwide appeal and is a result of the dedicated research, hard work and commitment of our global team,” Willis said.

Garnet Pigden, senior vice president for functional foods at DSM, accepts the NutrAward for tensVida.

TensVida is a milk-derived tripeptide that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Lactotripeptides occur naturally in dairy products such as aged cheese and cultured milk. Scientific studies show that milk-derived tripeptides with the bioactive amino acid sequence IPP (isoleucine-proline-proline) can maintain healthy blood pressure in people who have blood pressure within the normal range.

TensVida is available in a granulated form, which can be incorporated into tablets and capsules. Because the product is odorless, concentrated and water soluble, it is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications, according to DSM. The company says it is already seeing early commercial success in the U.S. with Twinlab, Swanson and Total Nutrition products containing tensVida.

Kimberly Lord Stewart
Editorial director
Functional Ingredients

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