2010 Edition of OTC Distribution in Europe

• Global regulations • Changing Rx & OTC environment • Supply chain issues • Transformation of sales channels



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In 2010, European consumers are expected to purchase nearly $37.5 billion worth of non-prescription OTC medicines for self-medication representing around 36% of world demand.

A number of major factors are coming into play which will influence the competitive environment for the consumer healthcare industry. Among these are the restructuring of the pharmaceutical supply chain, continued deregulation of retail channels, the growing importance of retail pharmacy groupings and mass market chains and the expansion of products licensed for sale in non-pharmacy outlets. These factors together will have a major impact on how manufacturers plan their strategies over the next few years.

This is the seventh edition of James W Dudley's highly regarded 18 country consultancy study - OTC Distribution in Europe. This expanded 2010 edition is the largest and most up to date strategic analysis of the supply network serving the non-prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC Self-medication in Europe with over 460 pages and 200 graphs, tables & figures.

The basis of the case was the presumption of a breach of articles 43 EC and 48 EC within the German regulations. Article 43 EC concerns freedom of establishment for enterprises, while Article 48 EC dictates that companies should be treated equally in all European Union member states.

James W Dudley is one of Europe's leading strategic marketing thinkers and an influential contributor to a number of ground breaking marketing initiatives in Europe’s consumer health markets. He is the author of a number of highly important, strategic marketing studies including his best-selling work “Winning Strategies: Successful Innovation beyond Rx to OTC Switching”.

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