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2011 NBJ Nutrition Industry Research Reports

Nutrition Business Journal has been publishing in-depth market research reports since 1996,  covering the $115 billion nutrition industry and providing analysis of markets, trends, competition and strategy in the U.S. & Global nutrition industry. Our research is a compilation of existing industry data followed up with NBJ surveys and interviews (NBJ conducts 40-50 interviews with executives every month to capture quantitative industry data).  NBJ gains thorough understanding of the companies operating within the nutrition industry, compiles the findings from each monthly issue, surveys & interviews to build a useful business planning tool for our readers. 

Each research report ranges from 300 - 600 page in length and includes a table of contents, list of figures, executive summary, topic specific chapters, and much more*. To learn more about the reports NBJ publishes email Chris at [email protected] Below you will find the most up-to-date NBJ market research:


January - Integrative Medicine
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, integrative medicine received a welcome shot in the arm.  The 2011 Integrative Medicine report, formerly known as the Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) report, features in-depth analysis of the U.S. integrative medicine market.



April- Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss
2010 shined a ray of light on the sports nutrition & weight loss market. This was in large part to the annual double digit growth in the mass market channel. The FDA continued to put the squeeze on the bad actors and show a more proactive role in pushing out the tainted products. This 319-page report provides an analysis of trends, sales, FDA issues, ingredient concerns, and much more in the U.S. sports nutrition & weight loss market.



July - Direct-to-Consumer Selling in the Nutrition Industry
The U.S. nutrition market is dominated by sales through retailers, but $16 billion still moved through direct channels in 2010. NBJ tracks the direct-selling world through four primary channels: multi-level marketers (MLM), direct media (TV, radio, print), practitioners, and the internet.


September - Supplement Business Report
The U.S. supplement industry posted 4.6% growth in 2010 to reach $28.1 billion in consumer sales according to NBJ estimates.  Slower growth rates can be attributed to a number of factors including: a lack of research breakthroughs, no major health scares, and softening performance on the multi-level marketing front.


November - Raw Material & Ingredients

*NBJ also utilizes other secondary industry sources to analyze each level of the value chain: consumer spending data (Hartman and Nielsen, for instance), retail sales figures (IRI and ACNielsen for mass market and SPINS, Natural Foods Merchandiser and Whole Foods magazine for natural food store data), alternative channels (NBJ surveys on multilevel marketing, catalog, practitioner and internet sales), distributor data & interviews, manufacturer sales (NBJ surveys) and raw material supplier data (NBJ surveys).


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