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3 ways to engage online natural shoppers

3 ways to engage online natural shoppers

Follow these tips from Jon Polin at Abe's Market to successfully engage online shoppers.


  1. Tell the stories behind your brands.
    Use shelf tags with quick-response codes that link to your website to offer shoppers more information about the products you carry.

    For each item sold on, the site offers a manufacturer page that includes photos, interviews and sometimes even videos of the people who made the finished product. “The stories are the icing on the cake, something that touches on a personal level; that’s our sweet spot,” Polin says.
  2. Showcase product categories.
    Abe’s interactive baby registry reads like a high-end catalog and offers another entry point for online shopping. Customers can browse 160 pages of products framed by engaging photography and magazine-style content and then order what they need.

    Because of its success, Abe’s will pursue similar efforts to bring products to life beyond the core website.
  3. Inform and entertain.
    Abe’s Live is a weekly show “about everything natural.” Five-minute video segments featuring Abe’s vendors cover topics ranging from how to plant an organic garden to the benefits of goat milk–based personal care products.

    Creating your store’s own video series is as easy as shooting footage on a smartphone, uploading the content to YouTube and linking to your website.
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