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4 things to know before exporting your natural product

Looking for new business opportunities in international markets? Nutritional Products International Global Export has four pieces of advice for your brand. 

As the domestic economy strengthens after the recent downturn, U.S. dietary supplement, health and wellness or personal care brands are exploring new export markets and distribution avenues for their products There are some things you should know when considering the opportunity to export your brand.

Match your product type to the right country

Just like you would in the American market, it’s critical that you do extensive research on each country’s consumer trends and demands for the products you offer. Some countries may have a growing market for nutritional, personal care or health and wellness products, while others may already have a saturated market or be lacking demand.

Research competition and find your position

Once you determine your product will be well received in a given market, it’s time to examine potential competition. This is a critical step and will let you know how much difficulty you can expect to encounter when it comes to your product’s success. If there are others in the market competing directly with your products, you’ll need to find a way to differentiate your brand. 

Know the local laws and regulations

Each market has a different regulatory environment and process to register a new product. It’s important to know all of your requirements to make for the most efficient path to the consumer market. You’ll also need to monitor any new laws or regulations on an ongoing basis to ensure your company is always in compliance. 

Identify the best distributors for the job

Finding the right distributors to partner with and introducing them to your product line is a complex and challenging task. You need to develop strong relationships with the distributors who have real purchasing power in the markets you’re targeting, while ensuring that their volume requirements match your manufacturing capabilities. This process takes a lot of time, but once you find the right distributor for your brand, it will help your export activities go much more smoothly.

Exporting can be a complicated process, so be sure to work with a firm that knows these issues well.

Nutritional Products International Global Export has decades of experience in working with international nutritional, health and wellness and personal care brands, and its team knows how to make exporting as efficient and profitable as possible for your company. Learn more here.


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