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6 companies delivering Ancient Wisdom

As Michael Pollan has been saying for years, our food future looks a lot like our past. “The wisdom of your mother and your grandmother and your great-grandmother has more to teach us about how to eat well than all the scientific studies in the world so far,” Pollan told Good Morning America earlier this year. The movements in food toward raw, vegetarian and vegan, paleo and ancient grains, backyard chicken coops and rooftop gardens are all signs of this harkening back to the old ways of nourishment. They are reversions in search of simpler, cleaner and minimally processed products. They are nostalgic efforts to navigate the grocery store and cook a safe, nutritious meal for our children.

The good news is that brands throughout the natural products world are finding ways to look back to revert to forward-thinking ways. Brad’s Raw Foods is doing it with its raw kale snacks, as is MegaFood with its growing line of whole food supplements and Nourish Organic Food for Healthy Skin with its certified organic line of body care products. The list goes on, but the trend is the same: Natural products companies are bringing ancient wisdom to new, innovative offerings.

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