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7 violations that led to de-accreditation

The National Organic Program last week revoked the accreditation of American Food Safety Institute International, a Chippewa Falls, Wis.-based organic certifier, citing "seven serious violations of the NOP regulations." The seven areas of noncompliance are listed below.

  1. AFSII officials refused to provide access to official certification records requested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  2. AFSII provided organic certification to an operation whose owner is responsibly connected to the certifying agent.
  3. AFSII provided certification services for seven AFSII-certified operations to which Karl Kolb [AFSII's director] currently provides consulting services.
  4. AFSII did not provide a full disclosure of conflicts of interest in its application for accreditation.
  5. AFSII retained [a client previously identified as in noncompliance] as a certified operation and did not issue a notice of noncompliance with regards to multiple prohibited substance violations upon notification of such violations by [USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service].
  6. AFSII issued organic certification to an operation that had applied a prohibited substance to certified ground through the use of seeds treated with Captan and Thiriam, both prohibited substances under the NOP regulation, and allowed the use of seed treated with prohibited substances for organic production.
  7. AFSII violated its Statement of Agreement with AMS as an accredited certification agent through its failure to issue notices of noncompliance and proposed revocation or suspension to [company name redacted] upon notification of violations of NOP regulations by AMS.
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