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ABC appoints advisory board members

The American Botanical Council added 13 new members to its advisory board. The Austin, Texas-based nonprofit's advisory board peer-reviews ABC's publications and advises on policy.

New members include: Ezra Bejar, Ph.D., director of technical sciences, Herbalife Int'l.; Josef Brinckmann, vice president of research and development, Traditional Medicinals; Trish Flaster, executive director, Botanical Liaisons; Charlotte Gyllenhaal, Ph.D., research assistant professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois; Ken Jones, president, Armana Research; Edward Kennelly, Ph.D., associate professor and chair, department of biological sciences, Lehman College, City University of New York; Ikhlas Khan, Ph.D., assistant director, National Center for Natural Products Research, University of Mississippi; Richard Kingston, professor, department of experimental and clinical pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota; Roberta Lee, M.D., director of medical education and integrative fellowship, Beth Israel Medical Center; Martha Libster, R.N., associate professor of nursing, Purdue University; Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., executive director for integrative medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Holly Shimizu, executive director, U.S. Botanic Garden; and Jacqueline Wootton, president and director, Alternative Medicine Foundation.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVII/number 4/p. 10

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