Aenova keeps on growing

Aenova keeps on growing

Combination of organic growth and acquisitions over the past year has led to a forecast of turnover doubling in 2013.

With an increase in turnover of around 3 percent from EUR 262 million in 2011 to 269 million in 2012, the Aenova Group further extended its market presence in 2012. A combination of organic growth and acquisitions over the past year has led to a forecast of turnover doubling in 2013. As a result, Europe’s leading provider of development, manufacturing and marketing services for medicines and dietary supplements will increase its share of the European market to over 10 percent.

Last year proved to be promising for the development of the Aenova Group. Decisive changes, such as the group’s takeover by BC Partners and internal strategic initiatives, have resulted in the group predicting organic growth of 6 percent for the current financial year. For Heiner Hoppmann, this target represents a clear challenge. “The German pharmaceutical and medicines market is currently undergoing a period of consolidation. In phases of this kind, growth is only possible with clear strategies and a strong partner,” says Hoppmann, describing the course which the company has chosen and its collaboration with its new investor.

One of the fundamental requirements for the ongoing development of the group, which added semi-solid and liquid dosage forms to its portfolio as a result of mergers over the last year, is its growing global focus. “Following the takeovers of Temmler and EVP, we can now provide all the classic dosage forms and offer an ideal package of B-to-B services for system partnerships. We believe that the growth in exports in particular represents an important opportunity for us, because many markets which were once largely local are now focusing increasingly on high-quality products from Europe,” explains Hoppmann.

In order to improve the performance of the group’s production network for the local and global market and to make the best possible use of synergies resulting from growth, Aenova is investing in specialist competence centres which will also incorporate its newly acquired sites. The record investment of EUR 30 million planned for 2013 makes the company’s intentions clear. According to Hoppmann, this money will be spent on strategic development of the group and on modernizing individual sites.

The long-term goal of Aenova and BC Partners is to float the company on the stock exchange and this is expected to happen within the next five years. Against this background, further acquisitions are possible within the next 12 to 18 months.


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