Aker BioMarine named finalist for 2 NBT awards

Aker BioMarine named finalist for 2 NBT awards

Company is a finalist in the "Most Effective Marketing Campaign" and "Environmental Excellence" categories for the 2013 NBT Awards.

Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) magazine has selected Aker BioMarine, an integrated biotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable harvest of krill and development of krill-derived biotech products, as a finalist in the "Most Effective Marketing Campaign" and "Environmental Excellence" categories for its 2013 NBT Awards, which will be presented in association with the Vitafoods show later this month in Geneva, Switzerland.

Most effective marketing campaign
Building on its success in the US and Australia, Aker's goal was to launch krill oil as an entirely new category and the next generation of omega-3s in the UK marketplace. Prior to launch, research had showed that almost 40 percent of consumers were unhappy with current omega-3 offerings. At the same time, retailers were looking for new products to reinvigorate growth in a relatively stagnant omega-3 category. Aker saw this as an opportunity to penetrate the market and educate consumers and retailers alike on the benefits of Superba Krill, including its small dose, easy digestion and better bio-efficiency. Since the launch in July 2012, these efforts have produced four new products, new marketing partners, interviews featuring recruited experts and millions of media impressions.

Environmental excellence
Sustainability has been at the core of Aker BioMarine's business since its inception. Aker BioMarine Antarctic is the only krill-harvesting company certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an international nonprofit organization with an independent certifying body and a public assessment process. As a result of MSC certification, Aker's products can carry the MSC eco-label, providing consumers with a guarantee of sustainability, effective fisheries management, and full traceability from sea to shelf. In order to maintain MSC Certification, Aker undergoes annual auditing during which it must maintain certain benchmarks and conditions. Aker BioMarine also actively supports and collaborates with Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resource (CCAMLR) and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-Norway).

With regard to its ecological footprint, Aker understands the wider impact of krill harvesting, which is why it invented Eco-Harvesting. This proprietary technology is designed to eliminate by-catch of non-target species, prevent krill decomposition and degradation, save energy by eliminating transportation of unprocessed frozen krill, and ensure effective resource use.

"We are excited to be nominated for two separate and unique categories by NBT," said Matts Johansen, Chief Operating Officer, Aker BioMarine Antarctic. "Our ongoing mission is to educate consumers about the many health benefits of Superba krill and continue to meet the highest standards in the sustainable management of krill resources to ensure that we maintain the health of our ecosystem and krill populations."

Aker BioMarine/Superba krill deserves the "Environmental Excellence" award because it remains committed to a sustainable krill harvest, now and well into the future. Its ongoing dialog with numerous environmental organizations, experts and researchers speaks to the company's ability to collaborate for the good of the entire krill fishery, not just its own organization.

Aker BioMarine deserves to win NBT's "Most Effective Marketing Campaign" award because as a vertically integrated company, it takes full responsibility of its supply chain from sea to shelf and remains willing to make the necessary investments to support growth in key markets.


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