Ako Kasei Launches Second "Taisakusui" Series Product: "Fuyu no Kenko Taisakusui"

On 1 December, Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. will launch the second product in its “Taisakusui” series, “Fuyu no Kenko Taisakusui (Winter Health Measures Water)”, following on from the well-received first product released this summer. The beverage is expected to help guard against the wind and cold, and contains Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis) juice, yuzu juice, ginger extract, deep-sea water minerals, and vitamin C. The company had found in previous research that magnesium, which is a main component of deep-sea water, had the effect of increasing the immunity substance S-IgA, found in saliva. The product therefore contains magnesium in the same concentrations as in the previous research.

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