Albion Announces New 25kg Product Packaging

Albion Human Nutrition announces the launch of a new product package for the bulk sale of their Mineral Amino Acid Chelates. A newly designed graphic and resealable plastic bag will be taking the place of previous paper bag with inserts and the familiar shipping drum. This change represents a significant development in packaging alternatives for Albion and its customers. The new bag will hold up to 25kg (55.12 lbs) is easier to handle and has a patented resealable Zipper-Track slider, closer. The package carries a fresh new glossy look baring the Albion Human Nutrition logo and subtle molecule structure in the background.

Max Motyka, Albion Human Nutrition Sales Director, believes these new bags are of great benefit to Albion and the customer alike. For Albion they will be much easier to handle, ship and represent great efficiencies over the old drums. For the customer, this style of packaging will be easy to handle, lighter to ship, put more on a single pallet, resealable and finally easier to dispose of. We like to think of this as a win-win situation.
Expected date of implementation is the first of May 2009.

For more information and exact specifications go to or call Albion Human Nutrition on 801.773.4631.

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