Alkemist Labs: new name, new brand

Alkemist Labs: new name, new brand

Alkemists Laboratories has completed a comprehensive rebranding effort that will help expand its influence and recognition within the industry.

Alkemists Laboratories has completed a comprehensive rebranding effort with MSLK, a New York–based design firm who uses a big agency approach but are a small, personal team. Alkemists Laboratories is now Alkemist Labs and will sport not only a refined name but also a completely redesigned logo and new ad campaign for 2014. The testing lab was founded in 1997 and is based in Costa Mesa, Calif. Alkemist Labs is a pioneer in the natural products testing industry and has assisted thousands of natural product companies approach, achieve and maintain cGMP compliance in this newly regulated industry.

“Alkemist Labs is a foundational brand. The company single-handedly spearheaded identity testing when cGMPs were released. It is an honor to work with them. Through our method of market analysis and brand positioning, we strove to communicate Alkemist’s expertise testing natural products," said MSLK. “Our bold, memorable A-shaped beaker set inside a molecular hexagon, will become Alkemist’s seal of quality approval. This will help expand their sphere of influence and recognition within the industry.”

“Lately I have been speaking and writing a lot on the so-called Identity Crisis and realize that an Identity Crisis also exists amongst the testing labs. Our customers have a narrow choice of labs to choose from; some are so big it’s unclear what their strengths are, while others simply compete with their own clientele,” noted Élan M. Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs. “We needed to strengthen our brand positioning and strategies to ensure we remain relevant while staying true to our core values. In this rebranding I felt it critical to make it clear that natural products testing is the only thing we do.”


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