Amino Vital(R) Announces the Launch of its Reformulated Endurance Canister

Amino Vital(R), the leader in amino acid sports nutrition, introduces a new and improved formula that was created with high-endurance athletes in mind. The new Amino Vital(R) Endurance Fruit Punch flavor complements the existing reformulated Lemon-flavored version with both now offering a natural light, refreshing taste without any artificial flavors or colors.

Each 20 fl. oz. serving delivers a balanced ratio of the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine and arginine plus carbohydrates and electrolytes for sustained muscle energy and recovery.
The amino acids in Amino Vital(R) are quickly absorbed by the body because, unlike protein, they do not have to be digested. This means that Amino Vital(R) Endurance gets fuel to the muscles fast for optimal performance and the reduction of muscle damage, helping athletes to train harder and longer.

"Long training sessions and hard workouts definitely wear and tear on my muscles," says top-ranked triathlete and 2008 Olympic hopeful, Hunter Kemper. "I rely on Amino Vital(R) Endurance to help me stay energized during training and competitions, and it helps me recover faster after exercise."

Amino Vital(R) Endurance is used not only by top endurance athletes and athletic teams such as world-ranked modern pentathlete and 2008 Olympic hopeful Sheila Taormina and the Kelly Benefits Strategies/Medifast Pro Cycling Team, but also by elite athletes and teams such as the ArenaBowl XX Champion Chicago Rush. And as a Proud Supplier of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams, Amino Vital(R) has every batch of its drink mix powders tested and certified by the Banned Substances Control Group working under a World Anti- Doping Agency-accredited anti-doping certification program.

Amino Vital(R) Endurance canister comes in a 28.2 oz., 20-serving canister and is available for the suggested retail price of $39.99 at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and other fine retailers. A complete store listing can be found at

The world leader in amino science, Ajinomoto has successfully developed safe and effective amino acid applications for pharmaceutical and food products for almost 100 years. And, with estimated annual sales of $10 billion, it commands a 60% share of the global pharmaceutical-grade amino acid market. Unrivaled in amino acid research and development, Ajinomoto is proud to contribute to the health and lives of people all over the world by applying its technology and experience to developing innovative products of the highest quality.
To learn more about the full Amino Vital(R) product line and amino acid conditioning, visit, or call 888-AMINOS3.

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