Amyloban™3399 Launched Based on Newly Developed Lion's Mane Standardized Extract

Maitake Products, Inc., E. Rutherford, NJ announced that it has launched a new product “Amyloban™3399” as a dietary supplement to support healthy brain function. It was officially introduced at Natural Products EXPO East held in Boston during October 15 to 18, 2008. The company has been collaborating with Dr. Kawagishi of Shizuoka University in Japan to discover and isolate such bioactive compounds from a medicinal mushroom called Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceum) since 2003. Dr. Kawagishi is well known in Japan as a prominent researcher of medicinal mushrooms who discovered the patented active agents called hericenones in Lion’s Mane that has the ability to stimulate the production of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) in the brain.

Dr. Kawagishi, jointly with researchers of Maitake Products, Inc., also succeeded in isolating another agent from the same mushroom that blocks the toxicity of the amyloid beta peptide in the brain cells. This agent has been named “amyloban” and already patented in Japan (Japanese Patent #394,3399) by Maitake Products. Then the joint research team has successfully developed a standardized extract that contains both bioactive substances, amyloban and hericenones, to maximize the benefits of mushroom with a power of brain tonic. The finished product of Amyloban™3399 is made based on this innovative standardized extract. US patent of the proprietary extract is pending as of today. For more information, please call 800-747-7418 or visit
Maitake Products, Inc

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