'AppleBoost Sport' Apple Peel Capsules Receive Certification from NSF's Athletic Banned Substances Program

NSF International today announced that AppleBoost Products Inc. has successfully completed the requirements of the NSF Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program, Certified for Sport™.

The NSF Certified for Sport™ program reduces the risk that a dietary or sports supplement contains banned substances. Recognized by Major League Baseball (MLB) and the MLB Players Association, the NSF Certification program was developed in response to growing demands by athletes, coaches, team owners and others concerned about finding banned substances in sports nutrition products.

AppleBoost Products Inc. is a New York-based functional food company built around the patented process of making dried apple peel powder (DAPP™), a scientific breakthrough developed at Cornell University that converts the most nutritious part of the apple—the peel—into a fortifying food ingredient.

To achieve certification, AppleBoost Products Inc. was evaluated by NSF to verify that the information appearing on the label matches the content of the product and that no banned substances are present. NSF requirements that must be met include the following:
Formulation and label review
Toxicology review
Facility Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspection, and
Laboratory analysis for label contents and banned substances

For meeting the requirements of the program, AppleBoost Products Inc. will bear the NSF Certified for Sport™ Mark on their label of AppleBoost Sport, an encapsulated product made purely of “dried apple peel powder” (DAPP™). NSF designation on the product label demonstrates to consumers that the product has met NSF’s stringent criteria. AppleBoost is also listed on the NSF Web site (http://www.nsf.org/Certified/Common/Company.asp?CompanyName=AppleBoost). NSF monitoring helps ensure ongoing compliance.

“NSF has been in the business of protecting consumers by helping to ensure the safety of food, water and consumer products for 64 years,” said AppleBoost Nutrition Advisor Dave Ellis, a registered dietitian who counsels coaches and athletes on dozens of major college, professional and elite amateur sports teams throughout the United States. “Most everyone at the highest levels of sport understands that the NSF Certified for Sport designation is a seal of approval recognized worldwide. That’s why we pursued NSF Certification for AppleBoost Sport capsules from the day we began developing our products.”

“AppleBoost Products have been reviewed and certified by NSF’s Athletic Banned Substances Certification program,” said Edward Wyszumiala, General Manager of NSF’s Dietary Supplement Programs. “By obtaining NSF Certified for Sport,™ AppleBoost has achieved a major milestone, demonstrating its commitment to excellence for athletes and consumers.”

For more information about AppleBoost Products Inc., visit www.appleboost.com or contact AppleBoost president Dave Copeland at [email protected] or 518-962-2885

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