Natural Foods Merchandiser

April 2003 Promotional Ideas

Monthly Themes
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month
Cancer Control Month
Informed Women Month
International Customer Loyalty Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Lawn and Garden Month
Parkinson's Awareness Month
Pecan Month
Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Soyfoods Month
Stress Awareness Month

Weekly Themes
April 1-7—Testicular Cancer Awareness Week
April 7-13—Public Health Week
April 13-19—Garden Week
Women's Nutrition Week
April 21-27—Egg Salad Week

Daily Themes
April 1—April Fool's Day
April 4—Vitamin C Isolated Anniversary, 1932
April 7—World Health Day
April 7—No Housework Day
April 8—International Feng Shui Awareness Day
April 12—International Teens Against Zits Day
April 16—Full Moon
April 22—Earth Day
April 25—Arbor Day

Tip: Don't be fooled. Celebrate April Fool's Day by making signs or fliers educating your customers about personal care product ingredients with unfamiliar names.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIV/number 2/p. 64

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