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A recent statistical report by Internet security company Network Box has revealed that in the office more people visit Facebook than any other Website. The social networking site has garnered 6.8% of all business Internet traffic in the first quarter of 2010, which is double the 3.4% of traffic swallowed up by Google. Compounded with a February statistic showing that Facebook has become the fourth-largest source for Internet news and media links, the implication is that office workers use the site for more than just social networking, and that a promotion on Facebook may be worth more than a search result listing on Google.

NBJ Bottom Line 

As media spaces adapt and grow, businesses too have to change to meet potential customers in a shared space. Among a recent raft of social media promotions and business tools (including resources such as groupon.com and MyWebGrocer’s informational Facebook widget) is bottled tea manufacturer New Leaf Brands’ Twitter contest, which enables consumers to win a year’s worth of free tea. By signing up as a New Leaf Twitter follower, consumers are entered into a lottery for a chance to win a case of New Leaf bottled tea every month for a year. The promotion was designed to ramp up the company’s Twitter network to 800 or more followers by mid-May. Gaining a following is essential for any business, and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter offer such business tools that become effective with unmatched immediacy. As news and media sites continue to add social networking components and social networking sites add news and media components, clever brands like New Leaf are finding ways to meet new consumers somewhere in the middle.

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