Are you ready for International Bacon Day tomorrow?

Americans eat a total of 5.6 billion pounds of bacon a year, as well as the following terrifying novel products.

Labor Day is not only the time to celebrate the end of summer; it’s also time to go ‘hog wild’ and celebrate one of America’s favorite foods: BACON! Saturday, August 30th, marks International Bacon Day, which began in 2000 with the residents of Bradford, Massachusetts. Oink oink, Bradford!

International Bacon Day is the perfect time for people to share bacon dishes, recipes, and everything bacon-related. According to the animal nutrition and farm education blog, Alltech, “Americans on average eat around 18 lbs. of bacon each year. That’s approximately 5,608,654,506 lbs for the entire U.S., which is equal to 7.68 Empire State buildings.”

Americans’ obsession with bacon has inspired enthusiasts to new heights of creativity in finding ways to get the taste of bacon into just about everything. Below are a few interesting ways to get your bacon fix:

  • Bakon Vodka: superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It's clean, crisp, and delicious.
  • Boink N’ Oink flavored lubricant: Trigg Laboratories, makers of Wet® personal lubricants, now offers Boink N’ Oink Bacon Flavored Lubricant. This colorless, non-staining lube is water-based, sugar-free, artificially flavored, vegan, and--believe it or not--certified Kosher.
  • Accoutrements Waxed Bacon Floss: Improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the taste of crispy fried bacon.
  • Funky Fresh Bacon Air Freshener: For when the scent of bacon only in the morning isn’t enough. Hang in your car, home, office or anywhere you want to enjoy the scent of bacon.
  • Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Flavored Mints: These mints tastes like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor.

However you’re spending Labor Day, make sure to incorporate bacon in your plans this year and celebrate one of America’s all-time top flave faves.

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