Azelis enhances supply chain solutions

Azelis enhances supply chain solutions

Germany sites are fully GMP compliant for clean room filling.

Azelis is one of the leading distributors in the pharmaceutical, personal care, food and animal feed industries that increasingly need to accommodate the latest standards in product handling in terms of purity, storage and filling. As a result, exciting changes have taken place at Azelis in Germany, leveraging supply chain to premier levels.

Michael Thomson, regional managing director of Azelis DACH, states, “After the successfull completion of ESAD (European Single Assessment Document) in 2006 we are now going one step further. Our sites in Germany are fully compliant to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard for clean room filling in 2013 and are we now pleased to be able to contract this and other value adding services to chemical manufacturers, looking for safe, efficient, high quality routes to market.”

Azelis German operations’ has two sites conveniently located near the chemical heartland of Europe, in Krefeld and St. Augustin, near Bonn. Krefeld is our specialist site for pharmaceuticals and has been certified GMP (good manufacturing practice) and GDP (good distribution practice) since 2008. The qualified, temperature controlled ambient and cold store Pharma warehouse has a capacity of 1,500m2 with more than 1,000 Euro pallet spaces.

“As one of the few sites with a narcotics license, manufacturing authorisation license and “Known Consignor”, (an exclusive airfreight clearance of actives for export) a whole range of business possibilities is opened for the perfect combination of authorised routes to market. Additionally a laminar flow bench allows state-of-the-art (re-) filling for API´s and Excipients in solid form,” adds Oliver Pohlmann, supply chain manager of Azelis DACH.

Our centre for liquids is located at St. Augustin. This site is an efficient drumming (from bulk to IBCs to cans) and storage facility with separate units for temperature controlled ambient and cold store.

Pohlmann continues, “There are two main areas, one for industrial chemicals and one ESAD/GMP qualified “clean room” for food, nutrition and personal care products as well as for liquid pharmaceutical excipients. From 2013, premier clean room drumming can be undertaken to comply with the following standards: GMP, HACCP, Kosher and Halal.”

Through semi-automatic filling lines to the manual filling of small units, quality control, storage and dispatch, St. Augustin offers the flexibility to open up new business opportunities for chemical manufacturers looking to consolidate efficient, secure supply routes to market. As you would expect, these specialist facilities are led by a team of fully qualified experts covering all aspects of the business.

Michael Thomson concludes “Azelis guarantees quality and security and we do everything we can to ensure product safety. From 2013, as a result of completing ESAD and now gaining the GMP standard in all sites, we are now in a position to offer these rarely available value added services and supply chain solutions to external partners. We welcome audits at any stage.”


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