B&D Nutritional Ingredients turns 20

B&D Nutritional Ingredients turns 20

B&D has built its reputation on representing quality raw material ingredients from ADM, Embria Health Sciences, KonaRed and more.

B&D Nutritional Ingredients Inc., well known for marketing and selling products from global manufacturers, announces that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business. Founded in 1993 by Bill Van Dyke, B&D has built its reputation on representing exceptional quality raw material ingredients from ADM, Beijing Gingko Group, Brassica Protection Products, Embria Health Sciences, Javaplant, KonaRed, Matsutani, Polyphenolics, Renewable Algal Energy and Unique Biotech USA.

From natural, branded, patented and scientifically assayed ingredients to standardized and custom botanical extracts, B&D has focused on innovative and trusted products to meet the needs of the dietary supplement, functional-food and beverage, and personal care markets. B&D assists its partners in new product development, technical support, launches, operational efficiencies and daily sales. Among its recent activities, B&D and its partner, Brassica Protection Products, have worked with customers to expand country registration; B&D and ADM have worked to meet supply demands with the Natural Vitamin E recent industry shortage, and B&D and Embria have collaborated to make EpiCor the model ingredient; and Polyphenolics and B&D have seen year-after-year growth and demonstrate how to market-science-branded premium ingredients.

“Today, we celebrate two decades of partnership, promise and innovation,” said Bill Van Dyke, CEO and chairman of B&D Nutritional Ingredients. “As we celebrate our past, we also look to the future. Companies across America are continually improving the nutritional benefits of their consumer products with our ingredients in ways that can reduce their costs and help the environment. Together with our partners, we will continue to create and deliver innovative offerings that bring even greater value to consumers and businesses.”

The company’s 20th anniversary year has been marked with intense activity. With new product launches for Nutraberry’s raspberry seed extract, Omega Nutrition’s pumpkin seed extract and Triphase Pharmaceuticals’ citrus fiber and Fenugreek fiber, B&D continues to stand out as a leader in the marketplace.


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