BDS Announces In House Steam Sterilization Chamber

March 15, 2007:
Carson, California- BDS Natural Products is introducing a new steam-based sterilization system to its customers this year under the DBA; Natural Products Sterilization Services. This system, H2O Express, utilizes newly developed technology which facilitates rapid penetration of steam and transfer of heat throughout the materials being sterilized. H2O Express is an extremely effective “all natural” sterilization alternative.

“With the demand for all natural products increasing in both the nutraceutical and food categories, we saw the addition of this steam sterilization unit as an essential element to meet the needs of our customers. Having this sterilization unit in our facility will shorten customer lead times and provide our clients with toll sterilization services” said Shauna Walker, Director of Sales and Marketing, BDS Natural Products (

The BDS line of “Treated Naturally” products will include botanical powders, teas, tea blends, spices and seasoning blends.

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