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Beehive Botanicals Introduces New Antioxidant Supplement Propolpom(TM)

Hayward, WI—Beehive Botanicals is pleased to introduce PropolPom™, a new super-antioxidant formula like no other. PROPOL2000™ combined with pomegranate seed flour results in a supplement that yields 44 times the antioxidant value of fresh blueberries. (PropolPom™ tested at 107,700 ORAC units per 100 grams compared with blueberries at 2,400.)

PropolPom™ is available in capsules or bulk powder for manufacturing. Beehive Botanicals offers custom-blending in its cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) environment.

Through research and the long road of experience, the “Propolis Experts” at Beehive Botanicals have developed a proprietary process that retains the freshness of propolis without sacrificing purity. PROPOL2000™ is lab-tested and certified to contain a minimum of 8% bioflavonoids.

To learn more, contact a Beehive Botanicals Sales Associate at 1-800-BEEHIVE or 715-634-4274.
Visit online at

Beehive Botanicals is:
o Dedicated to Purity, Integrity and Quality since 1972
o The largest dealer of bee propolis in North America
o A member of the International Bee Research Association (IBRA)
o A member of the American Apitherapy Association
o A member of the American Herbal Products Association
o A member of the TruLabel Program


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