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BENEO-Orafti enters new era

FIE London
October 30 –November 1, 2007
Booth F31, South Hall, ExCeL
London, United Kingdom

BENEO-Orafti the world market leader in the production of inulin and oligofructose is present at FI Europe under the new umbrella banner of the BENEO-Group. BENEO-Orafti will continue even stronger than before to lead the functional food industry through product innovation, marketing, scientific and regulatory support and first-class customer relationship programs as the Group transitions into a new era.

Commitment to Innovation
BENEO-Orafti remains focused and committed to product innovation; helping manufacturers develop balanced and nutritional food products with a FeelGood factor that consumers are increasingly demanding. Today BENEO-Orafti has launched an upgraded version of its popular Orafti®HSI product (Highly Soluble Inulin) called Orafti®HSI Ultra to provide extra technological benefits for manufacturers who produce fruit preparations, and fruit fillings for baked goods and confectionery.

Orafti®HSI Ultra offers the same advantages as Orafti®HSI but contains less small sugars. It is a 'Low Sugar Highly Soluble’ inulin and contains less than 4% small sugars (glucose+fructose+sucrose) compared to Orafti®HSI which contains fewer than 14% small sugars.

The BeneoTM Program and its famous BeneoTM Label
Over the past 10 years, BENEO-Orafti has gained tremendous experience in the prebiotic market, not only by funding impartial research to explore the benefits of inulin and oligofructose, but also by providing its manufacturing partners with a comprehensive ‘product to market’ package.
The Beneo™ Program and the Beneo™ Label will continue to exist and it is the intention to further develop this highly successful and unique customer service in the future. The key benefits of this internationally renowned branding initiative, worldwide known as the BeneoTM Program, are detailed in Appendix 1.

BeneoTM Products set to reach 300 before year end!
BENEO-Orafti is pleased to announce that the Beneo™ Program has helped to successfully launch 291 products into the global food and beverage markets to date. The European success of the program has led to Beneo™ ingredients being made available to the worldwide food and drink industry. One of latest manufacturers on board is Tropicana, who will launch its fruit juice drink Tropicana Essentials ‘Interior Sano’ with the Beneo™ label into the Spanish market. Other new products include:

Belgium: Nutri-Ethic Fibrosuc: Fiber sticks
Spain: NutriCare: A range of meal replacements and drinks
Ganadería Priégola: A synbiotic drink
Croatia: Delicia VitaliX: Prebiotic biscuits
Malaysia: Power Root Oligo: Powdered cereal drink
Dot Green Meditrim: Food supplement
Mobil Wallet Synergy1: Food supplement
Bulgaria: Slantcho Baby Biscuits
Czech Republic: Lotos: Ice-cream
Brazil: Jasmine Alimentos Soylait: Food supplement
France: Boîte à Cake: Sweet cakes
Vitamin System Regul’ap: Food supplement
Guatemala: Alimentos Haas: Yogurt

Dominic Speleers, Managing Director at BENEO-Orafti commented: “We are pleased to be celebrating over 10 years within the food industry and we look forward to entering a new era where we will be stronger and more dynamic than ever. Working in partnership with manufacturers will remain our key focus in the future as will innovation. Orafti®HSI Ultra is an exciting launch for us and will provide relevant partners with benefits that will help them grow their businesses. The streamlining of BENEO-Orafti with BENEO-Palatinit and BENEO-Remy will be positively reflected in how we work with our customers. Increased expertise and knowledge from across the BENEO-Group will allow food manufacturing partners to develop a greater range of products through one point of contact.”

Appendix 1

Benefits of the BeneoTM Program:
- Technological and nutritional benefits – BENEO-Orafti ingredients offer great opportunities to meet the continuing demand for wellness products which are low in sugar and fat. These ingredients are able to make guilt-free ‘Feel Good’ food products that give the same satisfaction on top of providing extra health benefits, including improved digestive health, enhanced bone health and promotion of satiety.

- Regulatory and scientific support – thanks to the vast amount of time and resources BENEO-Orafti has dedicated to scientifically substantiating the benefits of prebiotics, the company welcomes the introduction of the new EU legislation. The new EU legislation will not dramatically impact upon the way in which BENEO-Orafti operates. Under the new regulations a list of pre-approved claims will be established (Article 13). BENEO-Orafti has submitted proposals for claims including digestive health and improved regularity, the stimulation of a healthy microflora, increased calcium absorption and bone mineral density. With its expertise on all levels,
BENEO-Orafti is able to support manufacturers through this change.

- Consumer research – BENEO-Orafti has conducted consumer research on four continents and within 14 different countries to ascertain what consumers think about functional foods and what motivates them to buy. The combination of scientific knowledge and consumer insight has allowed BENEO-Orafti to develop a key strength in the translation of science into consumer friendly language, which has the ability to market a functional product.

- Supply security – BENEO-Orafti’s biggest asset comes in the form of two factories, one in Belgium and one in Chile. No other prebiotic supplier can provide this security. This is especially true as these two factories are located in two different hemispheres allowing two campaigns per year and reducing the risk of a bad harvest in both locations at the same time to virtually zero.

- # # # # -

For further business information, please contact:

ORAFTI is part of the ingredients business unit of Südzucker Group (Germany) and operates in more than 75 countries. ORAFTI produces BeneoTM inulin and oligofructose from chicory roots for human and animal nutrition. ORAFTI’s head office is in Tienen, Belgium with production units in Oreye (Belgium), and Pemuco (Chile).


For more business information contact:
Mr. Joseph O’Neill
2740 Route 10 West
Suite 205
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

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