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Bergstrom Nutrition Announces OptiMSM® K-Blend, A New Blend of OptiMSM® and Vitamin K

Bergstrom Nutrition announced today the release of OptiMSM® K-Blend, a combination of two forms of vitamin K—vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 (MK-7)—and OptiMSM®. This new, patent-pending supplement creates the ultimate trio to support joint, bone and heart health. Two capsules twice daily deliver an effective dose of K1, K2-7 and MSM.

Joint Health

OptiMSM® K-Blend creates a distinct bone and joint formula that helps maintain healthy joints and reduce discomfort associated with decreased function. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) decreases inflammatory markers that damage cartilage and helps protect the integrity of cartilage tissue.

Bone Health

Vitamin K plays an important role in decreasing and preventing bone loss and is essential for maintaining bone health. This new blend strengthens bones by ensuring calcium is reabsorbed into bone tissue, thereby increasing bone mineral density.

Heart Health

MSM supports healthy homocysteine metabolism, while vitamin K research has shown significant indicators of positive health effects for the heart. The supplement promotes a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system.

“The new blend aims to benefit today’s active lifestyle with a broad range of long-lasting health benefits,” said Eric Brown, Director of Sales, Bergstrom Nutrition. “We took the trusted effects of OptiMSM® one step further to provide added support for bone and heart health. OptiMSM® K-Blend will play a pivotal role in keeping consumers fit and healthy.”

To learn more about OptiMSM® K-Blend, or any of the ingredients and products provided by Bergstrom Nutrition, visit


The only dedicated NPA GMP-certified MSM production facility in the world, exceeding industry standards for optimal purity and product consistency. The Vancouver, Washington based company pioneered the use of MSM for human consumption in 1989. Their proprietary OptiMSMÒ is the only MSM backed by U.S. published clinical research and can be found in leading joint health products in all major channels. For information on Bergstrom Nutrition, call 1.888.733.5676 or visit

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