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BI Nutraceuticals hits steam sterilization milestone

BI Nutraceuticals hits steam sterilization milestone
BI Nutraceuticals has treated 75 million kilos of material since launching its Protexx HP Green Steam sterilization method 13 years ago.

BI Nutraceuticals has achieved a significant milestone since launching its Protexx HP® Green Steam™ sterilization method 13 years ago, announcing that it has treated 75 million kilos of material. Protexx HP Green Steam remains the industry’s only species-specific, organic steam sterilization method.

“BI pioneered the use of dry steam sterilization in the U.S. for botanicals in 2002 and today we remain the industry leader,” noted George Pontiakos, president and CEO. “We continue to make significant investments not only in steam sterilization, but also our species identification and vendor qualification programs to ensure our customers receive safe, quality product.” 

Today, BI owns and operates five steam units globally in order to support worldwide product launch campaigns for its customers. Protexx HP Green Steam utilizes more than 40 settings, which control heat, moisture, time, and pressure parameters, tailored for each individual ingredient. All products require their own specific combination to provide the maximum reduction in potential contaminants while preserving the color, flavor and bioactive components. BI has fine-tuned more than 350 product-specific, validated protocols across its five steam units that utilize the highest pressure and temperature settings in the industry, resulting in sorter treatment times to eliminate pathogens which helps maintain the product’s characteristics. It also has the only steam unit in the industry validated using the USP method.

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